Adrish Bardhan

অদ্রীশ বর্ধন

Adrish Bardhan was one of the prominent names in modern literary world. He was born in 1932 in Kolkata and was an alumni of the University of Calcutta. Initially he was not associated with writing but later he began to excel his literary skills for writing science fiction and thriller series. He stimulated the minds of the Bengali readers with his popular character Indranath Rudra, a brilliant detective who solves the cases with his intellectual mindset. His another two popular characters are Professor Nut Boltu Chakra and female detective Narayani. He was the editor of two magazines namely ‘Ascharya’ and ‘Fantastic’. Some of his popular books are ‘Aadim Atonko’, ‘Makarsha Atanka’, ‘Bhoutik Omnibus’, ‘Hangorer Kanna’ etc. He was honored with ‘Sudhindranath Raha’ award and ‘Kishore Gyan Biggan Purashkar’ for his incomparable contribution to the Bengali science fiction genre. This great talent of contemporary Bengali culture has departed from this world in 2019.


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