Ayman Sadiq

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Ayman Sadiq is a notable personality and a source of inspiration among the youths of Bangladesh in recent times. This pioneer of motivation was born in 1992 to an army family in Comilla district of Bangladesh. Sadiq has proved his extraordinary skills by being a prominent author, unique content maker, excellent speaker and an admirable educator. His primary objective was to educate the young generation of Bangladesh in a quality framework and hence he set up 10 Minute School. It is an internet-based educational interface for the school students and university goers. Students from any part of Bangladesh can easily access this interface in an affordable rate. Many students have been benefitted with this online learning platform and this has paved the way for Sadiq to become an influential person of Bangladesh and also to make a place in prestigious Forbes magazine. His one of the famous literary works is ‘Never Stop Learning’, which brought him massive recognition in the world of literature. His other books are ‘Travel Bangladesh’, ‘Loke Ki Bolbe’, ‘Vallage Na’ etc. He has been honored with Queen’s Young Leaders Award 2018, Youth Award 2016, Swiss Embassy Award for Social Impact, DYDF Youth Icon Award etc.


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