জসীম উদ্দীন

Jasimuddin, who is known as ‘Palli Kabi’ or ‘Pastoral Poet’ was a Bangladeshi poet, song writer, and novelist. He was born in Faridpur of Bangladesh in the year 1903. His poem depicts a style of ballad saga along with essence of rural life. Some of his famous works are ‘Kobor’, ‘Nakshi Kanthar Math’ (1929), ‘Sojan Badiyar Ghat’ (1933), ‘Kafoner Michhil’ (1978), ‘Boba Kahini’ (1964) and many others. He was a student of the University of Calcutta and later he served the University of Dhaka as a teacher. His commitment and dedication towards the Bengali literature has been reflected in his joining to the Bengali Language Movement. He has been accolade with numerous awards in his lifetime including Ekushey Padak (1976), President’s Award for Pride of Performance, Pakistan (1958). His mortal life ended in 1976 but his creations makes him immortal. After his death the independent government of Bangladesh has honored him with the posthumous Independence Day Award in 1978.


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