Jibanananda Das

জীবনানন্দ দাশ

Jibanananda Das was one of the most celebrated poet of the Kallol era in the post-Tagore period, who was also often considered as the major proponent of modernism in Bengali poetry and literature. He was born on 17th of February, 1899 at Barishal District of undivided Bengal. He studied English literature from Presidency College, and later earned his M.A. degree from Calcutta University. However, his days afterwards were of professional and financial uncertainty, as he had to frequently change his workplace in different colleges.

Jibanananda Das’ literary contribution was of tremendous impact only in the aftermath of his untimely death. His poetry revolved around the themes of romanticism, surrealism and mysticism through the personification of nature and the people in it. From 1925 onwards, he started writing regularly in several renowned periodicals and various little magazines like Kallol, Kalikalam, Progoti and others. His first collection of poems “Jhara Palok” was published in 1927. Others of his notable works include “Rupashi Bangla” (1957), which were originally written at around 1934 but left discovered for long; “Dhushor Pandulipi” (1936), “Banalata Sen” (1942), “Maha Prithibi” (1944). He also wrote two novels “Malyaban” and “Shutirtho” in 1948, which also remained undiscovered during his lifetime. In the last year of his life in 1955, he published a volume of his poetry, entitled “Shreshtho Kobita”. Jibanananda Das’ life came to a sudden death on 14th of October 1955, only at the age on 55 years.


জীবনানন্দ দাশের অন্যান্য কবিতা

জীবনানন্দ দাশের শ্রেষ্ঠ কবিতা (১৯৫৪)

ঝরা পালক (১৯২৭)

ধূসর পাণ্ডুলিপি (১৯৩৬)

বনলতা সেন (১৯৪২)

বেলা অবেলা কালবেলা (১৯৬১)

মহাপৃথিবী (১৯৪৪)

মাল্যবান (উপন্যাস)

রূপসী বাংলা (১৯৫৭)

সাতটি তারার তিমির (১৯৪৮)