Pramatha Chaudhuri

প্রমথ চৌধুরী

Pramatha Chaudhuri is regarded as a modern Bengali writing pioneer. He is generally known as Birbal in the field of Bengali literature.

Among his noteworthy literary works are 'Du-Yarki', 'Hindu Sangeet', 'Birbaler Halkhata', 'Tel Nun Lakri', 'Ghare Baire', and 'Rayater Katha.' He had also demonstrated his talent as a poet by fusing Italian sonnets with the tone of old Bengali literature. His significant poems include 'Sonnet Panchasat', 'Sonnet Panchasat and Anyanya Kabita', and 'Padacharan.' His other notable work was 'Char Yari Katha' for which he received some criticism. He will be remembered as a notable person who introduced readers to the various possibilities of Bengali literature.


চার-ইয়ারী-কথা (১৯১৬)

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