Sukumar Ray

সুকুমার রায়

The father of Bengali ‘literary nonsense’, Sukumar Ray was born on October 30, 1887. His father, Upendrakishore Ray was also an eminent writer. He is famous for using nonsense verse in his poems. He mainly wrote for children but it is the humorous tone of his writings that every reader enjoys them in the same way. The most notable aspect of his literary pieces is that they not only contain humorous elements but also a subtle wit and satire carrying a social consciousness. His famous works include ‘Abol-Tabol’, ‘Ha-Ja-Ba-Ra-La’, ‘Pagla Dashu’, ‘Abak Jalpan’, ‘Khaikhai’, ‘Bahurupi’, ‘Jhalapala’, etc. Apart from writing, he was also a pioneer of photography and lithography and was a trained photographer. He was died on September 10, 1923.


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