Sujan Dasgupta

সুজন দাশগুপ্ত

Sujan Dasgupta is an extraordinary personality in the world of modern Bengali literature. He was born in West Bengal, India but his literary dexterity reached to Bangladesh also. An established Mechanical Engineer by profession, Dasgupta started his writing journey for young readers and most of his writings were published mainly in ‘Kishore Mon’ and ‘Anandamela’. His writing style had impressed Nirendranath Chakraborty that the latter helped him to get his first novel ‘Dhandhapurir Golokdhandha’ published in ‘Ananda’ Publishers in 1986. His most notable work is ‘Eken Babu’ series, where the central character is Eken Sen, a mid-aged detective, who solves various mysteries. This series has become highly popular among the Bengali readers and a hit web series has already been made on Eken Babu, starring Anirban Chakrabarty in the lead role. Some of his masterpieces are ‘Khilkhabanar Gambilo’, ‘Manhattan-e Moonstone’, ‘Sotyi Mithyer Golokdhandha’, ‘Ei Boier Nam Onnyo Molate’ etc. Dasgupta has a great sense of humor and it has been reflected in some of his writings. He has a rare talent of publishing research papers on various aspects of Technology along with the practice of literature. At present he is living in the United States and has retired from his professional career for giving more attention in Bengali literature.


আইডিয়াল জুয়েলরি

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ঢাকা রহস্য উন্মোচিত (রহস্য উপন্যাস)

বেসুরো বেহালার পরের কাহিনি

ভয়ঙ্কর চিঠি

মেলাবেন তিনি মেলাবেন

ম্যানহাটানে মুনস্টোন (রহস্য উপন্যাস)

ম্যানহাটানে ম্যানহান্ট

ম্যানহাটানের ম্যাডম্যান

শান্তিনিকেতনে অশান্তি

সংখ্যার সংকেত

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