Syed Waliullah

সৈয়দ ওয়ালিউল্লাহ

Syed Waliullah was a notable author and novelist of Bangladesh. He was born in Chittagong district of present day Bangladesh in 1922. His father was a covenanted civil servant under British government. Because of the nature of job of his father, Waliullah had gotten a great occasion to travel the length and breadth of Bangladesh. This helped him to experience the contemporary Bengali culture, which he used to nurture his literary skill. Gradually he developed a great passion for writing novels, stories and blended his artistic creativity in his writing.

In 1949 he published his first novel ‘Lal Shalu’, which brought him an enormous fame among the Bengali readers. His other popular works are ‘The Ugly Asian’, ‘Chander Amaboshay’, ‘Kando Nadi Kando’, ‘Sudanga’, ‘Nayanchara’, ‘Dui Teer O anyanya Galpa’, ‘Bahipir’ etc. He used to practice his literary writings along with the job of bureaucracy. He had been posted in many countries in his professional career and later joined UNESCO. He was the recipient of prestigious ‘Bangla Academy Literary Award’, ‘Ekushey Padak’, and ‘Bangladesh National Film for Best Story’. He died in 1971 just ahead of the Liberation War of Bangladesh.


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