Hemendra Kumar Roy

হেমেন্দ্রকুমার রায়

Hemendra Kumar Roy was known for his valuable input in Bengali literatures dedicated for children. He was born in Pathuriaghata in 1888.

His first literary work ‘Amar Kahini’, which was a short story, was published in ‘Basudha’ magazine in 1903. He adopted Bengali version of many foreign literatures, like 'Ajob deshe Amala' is adaptation from 'Alice in wonderland'. Bimal-Kumar and Jayanta-Manik are some of his adventure and detective duo characters.

His famous literary works are 'Jawkher dhawn', 'Ratrir jatri', 'Tara tin bondhu', ‘Beno Jal’, ‘Sonar Anarash’, ‘Nil Sayorer Ochinpure’ etc. This legendary writer was passed away in 1963, creating an enormous void in Bengali literature.


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