Akhteruzzaman Elias

আখতারুজ্জামান ইলিয়াস

Akhteruzzaman Elias was born on February 12, 1943 in Gaibandha District of Bangladesh. Some of the major themes of his writings are politics, heritage, poverty and exploitation, etc. Elias also illustrates the minute psychological tendencies of human mind in his novels. Though his literary career is not so voluminous, his writings established him as one of the eminent literary figures in Bangladesh. He wrote only two novels and around twenty-two short stories and some essays in his literary career. His two novels are ‘Chilekothar Sepai’, ‘Khoyabnama’, and the short story collections are ‘Khoari’, ‘Onno Ghore Onno Swar’, Dudhebhate Utpat’, ‘Jal Swapno, Swapner Jal’, etc. He is the recipient of Bangla Academy Literary Award, Ananda Puraskar, Ekushey Padak, etc. He died on January 13, 1996 by Cancer.


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