Alauddin Al-Azad

আলাউদ্দিন আল আজাদ

A prolific author, educationist, and a literary critic, Alauddin Al-Azad was born on May 6, 1932. His literary career began while he was a student. He was involved with a newspaper agency in his college days that sparked him to be an author. He wrote novels, essays, poems and also critical pieces. His writings mostly are the portrayal of village life and the struggle of the rural people. Besides, he also emphasized on incorporating progressive and humanistic ideals in his writings. His well-known literary pieces are ‘Jegey Achhi’, ‘Dhankonya’, ‘Jiban Zamin’, ‘Mayabi Prohar’, ‘Dhanyabad’, ‘Ihudir Meye’, etc. He was awarded with the Bangla Academy Literary Award, UNESCO Award, Ekushey Padak, etc. He died on July 3, 2009.


আলাউদ্দিন আল আজাদের গল্প

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