Zahir Raihan

জহির রায়হান

Zahir Raihan is a name that will be remembered in history of Bengal. He was a writer from Bangladesh who born in 1935 at Noakhali. He received his academic degrees from the University of Dhaka. He was an active participant in Bengali Language Movement and got arrested for that. He depicted his political protest through his films and writing that heavily influenced by 'Bengali Language Movement' and 'Bangladesh liberation war'.

Some of his famous works are 'Ekushey February', 'Ekusher Golpo', 'Jibon Theke Neya' (1970) and many others. He was honored with 'Bangla Academy Literary Award' (1972), 'Ekushey Padak' (1977), 'Bangladesh National Film Awards' (2005) etc. He disappeared in 1971 while searching his brother Shahidullah Kaiser at the time of liberation war.


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