Prafulla Roy

প্রফুল্ল রায়

One of the eminent fiction writers, Prafulla Roy was born on January 1, 1934 in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). He then moved to India in 1950 after the partition of the British India. One of the features of his novels is the portrayal of the crisis of the partition and the struggle of contemporary people. His first novel ‘Purva Parvati’ was published in 1956. However, it was his novel ‘Keya Patar Nouko’ that brought him into the light of literary club. The novel depicts the agony of the refugee life and illustrate the protagonist’s inner turmoil. His other notable works are ‘Shatdharay Boye Yay’, ‘Uttal Samayer Itikatha’, ‘Nona Jal Mithe Mati’, etc. Some of his novels were also adapted into films and television dramas and the film ‘Ekanto Aapon’ and the drama ‘Keya Patar Nouko’ is famous among them. He was awarded with Bankim Puraskar and Sahitya Akademy Award.


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